myseashore-dot-com-aboutWelcome on my white sandy seashore, where I am doing what I was meant to:
I am a natural born traveller in search of secret places, peaceful beaches or hidden villages, of crowded cobblestone streets and famous cities filled with history, of wild forests and mysterious deserts.
I have travelled all my life, eversince I was a little child and my greatest fun was to watch the nomad gipsy sellers passing by in their horse drawn waggons roofed in thatch.They seemed to be happy and free and watching them gave me a sense of adventure and freedom.
I am in love with the Provence scenery, the Tuscan cypresses, the Portugal beaches but I am also deeply in love with Paris, Prague and New York.
My dream is to live in a house right by the ocean, to wake up in the morning, feel the breeze, play on the shore with my children and write.
It took a long way until I finally discovered my meaning and It was not easy for me to let go the attachment to things that didn’t really matter for my inner self, but for the others.But there is no other stronger feeling of fulfilment but that of losing yourself in what you are doing, when doing it with the utmost passion.
Here, on MySeashore, I’ll share with you travel impressions, reviews, travel tips,  I’ll tell you interesting things about the places I have been to, but we are also going to share ideas about books, feelings, tasty food and beauty, life beauty.
Stay a while on MySeashore and you will come back again for new stories and travel advices!